Notes from the US: Oil and the law

November 13th: Freedom Columnist Louis Further rounds up some lesser-known happenings on the other side of the Atlantic.

Brighton Solfed: Standing up to the landlords

November 12th: The anarcho-syndicalist group rounds up its recent activities in the city, where it has been having a lot of success organising against mistreatment of tenants.

Edinburgh Mothers Fight the Benefits Cap!

September 27th: This Anarchist Federation report looks at resistance against the impact of benefits capping.

The social centres roundup

September 23rd: For all its small size and general impoverishment the libertarian socialist movement actually runs a surprisingly large amount of real estate around Britain, all on non-hierarchical lines, by and for the people of the cities and towns we’re in.

The Rolling Resistance full month roundup

July 31st: The Rolling Resistance month of action against Cuadrilla’s controversial attempts to frack for gas in the Lancashire countryside drew to a close today — though it won’t be the end of the campaign to stop energy giants from imposing their will on the public in the name of profit.

Social Centres update: Common house in trouble, Partisan nears opening

July 21st: Radical social centres across Britain have run into financial issues recently, with business rates rises causing trouble for Larc in east London and the Cowley Club in Brighton this year.

Roundup: Rolling Resistance anti-fracking actions (July 10-17)

July 17th: This extended roundup by Freedom News and Reclaim The Power looks at some of the key events which have taken place over week two of the month-long Rolling Resistance against Cuadrilla’s controversial campaign to begin a major gas fracking operation at Preston new Road, just outside Blackpool.

Video collection: Jeremy Hunt running away

May 9th: On May 3rd a video by Sandra Ash of Keep Our St Helier Hospital (Koshh) made it into the papers as she tried to ask Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt about his role in “demolishing” NHS funding and softening the service up for a wave of privatisation.

Notes from the US

April 14th: Louis Further brings us his latest update from across the pond, rounding up some of the happenings you won’t have heard of in the land of the “free” Environmental damage One of the most dangerous appointments which Trump has made is that of Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

National Action Rebranded: Neo-nazis are trying it on again

March 22nd: Banned neo-nazi group National Action (NA) is attempting to re-establish itself using the name National Socialist Network.