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Call for International Week of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners 2020

July 9th: A number of Anarchist Black Cross groups have called for a week of action and support for anarchist prisoners worldwide, starting on Monday.

Don’t Despair, Organise! An introduction to the (yet-unnamed) confederation of Solidarity Funds

June 25th: The following text was contributed to Freedom by a person involved in Goose Green Solidarity Fund: a newly formed organisation for people who live in SE22 and are struggling financially as a result of COVID-19.

Mutual aid, solidarity, and direct action: GAF calls for Mayday actions

April 30th: Despite the lockdown, the Green Anticapitalist Front (GAF) has called for Mayday actions: just in a different from traditional format.

‘This place is a death trap’: inside HMPs during COVID-19 

April 29th: Content warnings: state violence, medical abuse and neglect, self-harm and suicide  The Ministry of Justice’s lack of response to COVID-19 is nothing short of genocidal.

To the MAN: Zero evictions call-out!

March 17th: The mutual aid networks are in a unique position to defend the homes - and the lives - of those facing eviction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Don’t despair, organise!: Guillotine Media

January 27th: In the next chapter of our mini-series dedicated to new groups and projects forming across the UK and beyond, we introduce Guillotine Media: London-based podcast focusing on grassroots left wing activism.

Don’t despair, organise!: DIY Kodak Collective Squatted Night Shelter

January 14th: London Road in Brighton is a clear example of the austerity crisis in Britain.

Don’t despair, organise!: How to start a community kitchen

January 9th: This text first appeared at the awesome South Norwood Community Kitchen’s website.

Don’t despair, organise!: an introduction to Cooperation Kentish Town

January 3rd: By 21 December, a week after a disastrous election for the left and a few days into the subsequent soul searching, everyone was suddenly talking about how what’s needed now is community building.

Projects and events for radicals this January

January 1st: As we enter the New Year and days start to get longer again it’s time to get ourselves off the sofa and start Getting Involved.