From Acorns grow mighty tenants’ unions

December 18th: Tenants’ union ACORN has been making a splash with a string of wins over rogue landlords and a striking growth rate, which has inspired Plan C Manchester to get involved.

Unity Centre looks to surround Dungavel removal centre

November 6th: Migration rights organisers in Glasgow are looking to raise the last donations for a solidarity noise demonstration  at Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre on November 18th.

France: Revolutionary syndicalists call week of debates to ‘kill the ostrich’

April 7th: Activists with the Comités Syndicalistes Révolutionnaires (CSR) have announced a major new initiative to “kill the ostrich” of failing industrial unionism with its head in the sand, planning a week-long series of debates and training for the summer.

Mooboo tea’s not-so-refreshing unpaid labour scam

March 31st: Liverpool SolFed has signed up to the campaign against “bubble tea” specialist Mooboo ripping off free labour from hospitality workers.

Swing sets and lock-ons: Fracking direct actions are kicking off

March 28th: After a solid first day of blockading fracking suppliers at Carnforth in Lancashire with swings, a second eight-person lock-on at Preston New Road is keeping up the pressure on energy industry efforts to bring the dangerous and unpopular gas extraction method into mass production.

Cardiff peace activists set for showdown with DPRTE arms dealers

March 24th: Campaigners are holding a day of protest on March 28th against controversial Cardiff event DPRTE, which they say “totally blurs the boundary between government and the arms trade.”

Axe Drax: Campaign to pressure fossil fuel firm will hit AGM

March 10th: The Axe Drax campaign, which is pushing back against energy firm’s grandiose greenwashing campaign, is planning to confront executives at their upcoming AGM.

Hunger Strike at King’s College

March 3rd: Today marks nine days since PhD researcher Roger Hallam began hunger strike in protest at Kings College London’ s continued investment in fossil fuels.

Smash IPP hits out at scandal of UK’s “death sentence” prisoners

March 1st: March will see the first major series of events in a year-long campaign against the hidden scandal of people serving indefinite sentences in UK jails under legislation that breaks human rights law and was formally repealed five years ago.

France: March against police killings unites the left

February 28th: Over a hundred organisations from around the world, including a number of anarchist groups and British organisations, are backing the callout for a massive march in Paris to take place on March 19th against police brutality.