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Autonomous Cafe And Bookshop evicted and reopens today

Autonomous Cafe And Bookshop evicted and reopens today

The eviction of the previous building was dramatic, but it made us more “militant” and had no effect on our work. There were 5- 6 bailiffs, Lockfather, 4 cops, and one plainclothes. The community came to support, and neighbourhood shops refused to let the bailiffs in from the back entrance – so they had to enjoy the demo against them.

We had already squatted another place for the cafe the night before the eviction. The day after the eviction, we held “Forks not Knives” in front of the evicted cafe while the bailiffs secured it.

The new Autonous Cafe and Bookshop will operate like the last one. We will serve free coffee for the community, share radical literature, and host workshops. Get the community under one roof!

The new Autonomous Cafe And Bookshop opens at noon today at 80-88 Croydon High Street.

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