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Legal aid campaign launches for weapons factory sabotage

In February 2022, Amber and Palestine Action shut down a weapons factory linked to war crimes in Israel. She disrupted the kill-chain at a cost of 300K to the Israeli war machine. Now she needs our help.

Original press release:

With police stationed outside intending to protect the site from protesters, activists have stormed, occupied and are currently dismantling Elite KL‘s property as part of their demand to end British complicity in Israeli apartheid. As war and oppression continue across the globe, we continue our stance against Britain’s role in war, violence & militarism. 

Today marks the fourth time Palestine Action has occupied Elite KL’s site since February 2021. Despite significantly heightened security, as a result of our campaigns against Elite, activists evaded police cars and security, climbing onto the premises’ roof, smashed windows, removed roof panels, sprayed our signature red paint and attempted to cause damage to the machinery inside the building. As with all our occupations, the aim is to disrupt the flow of weapons to Israel.

“Elite KL and its sister company Elbit-Kinetics produce components that are essential for Elbit’s supply chain to Israel’s occupation, such as military vests and systems required for the functioning of Israeli made Merkava 4 battle tanks, marketed as “maintaining combat experience” against Palestinians in Gaza. 

Today’s actions are the latest in our mission to #ShutElbitDown, with activists throughout the country putting their liberties on the line in solidarity with the Palestinian people. This sustained action is disrupting the manufacturing of munitions and machinery used to repress, murder, and surveil civilians in Palestine, ensuring that this mass suffering is not facilitated with British-made weapons. Palestine Action has cost incalculable millions to the profiteers of war crimes. Direct action will continue until Elbit is permanently shut down.

Amber’s Crowdjustice campaign:

Over a year ago, I took direct action at Elite KL, a factory owned by Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest weapons manufacturer. The factory makes crucial components for Israeli Merkava tanks, which are routinely used in attacks on the Palestinian people. In 2014, whilst Israel was bombing Gaza, women and children were sheltered in a UN school. Whilst they were doing so, a Merkava tank was used to shell the school, massacring those inside. 

Before I took action, I met a young Palestinian boy suffering from chemical burns after an Israeli bomb dropped near him. He told me about the struggle of the Palestinian people under Israeli apartheid. I learnt how Gaza, in Palestine, is under a brutal land, air and sea blockade and is one of the most densely populated areas on Earth. Most Palestinians in Gaza are children and refugees the Israeli military has previously displaced. Regularly, they are murdered using weapons by Elbit Systems, which they market as “battle-tested” as a result. 

After decades of lobbying, signing petitions, and A to B marches, the Palestine situation has only worsened. It’s one of the worst crimes happening today, and I can either look at my future children and say I did something about it or say I did nothing. I chose to do something.

After taking action, I plead NOT GUILTY to charges of “criminal damage” totalling over £300K. I’m asking for support to finance my legal costs. My trial will be in May 2024 at Stafford Crown Court.

You can support Amber here.

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