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Elbit HQ hit by Palestine solidarity lock-on

Elbit HQ hit by Palestine solidarity lock-on

The under-pressure Israeli arms firm saw its London base targeted by the latest in a wave of blockades yesterday despite its attempts to undermine activist crowdfunders and tie up Palestine Action with legal proceedings.

The action is part of a lengthy campaign against Elbit’s presence in Britain over its role in the repression of Palestine and international arms dealing, which celebrated a major victory in January when Elbit sold its Ferranti factory. Focus has now shifted to ousting the company’s nine remaining sites.

The lock-on, using arm pipes and superglue, began at 8am on Tuesday morning at the firm’s 77 Kingsway HQ. The exterior was also drenched in blood red paint using modified fire extinguishers. The disruption lasted several hours with all three activists, along with one supporter who was holding a ‘Shut Down Elbit’ banner, being arrested.

A Palestinian Action spokesperson said:

“The escalation of violence in Palestine may seem distant to some when viewed through a screen, but the truth couldn’t be further from reality. Every act of settler violence faced by Palestinians has its roots here, in Britain.

“Elbit holds nine remaining sites in Britain, from the military drone factories of the midlands, to the headquarters that facilitate this killer supply chain, and the police response today tells us that the British state is more than happy to enable this. Only the unbreakable will of our activists, and the strength held in direct action will get the job done, and get Elbit gone for good.”

Reps for Palestine Action say the kickback from Elbit has been extensive, including measures aimed at shutting down their fundraising channels and multiple court battles. After 20 months however all the court cases have either been acquittals or have collapsed. The latest case is happening today at Southwark Crown Court.

Pic: Callum Ford/Palestine Action

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