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IWGB: Landmark legal victory opens door to worker rights for UK foster carers

The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) has won a landmark ruling that will open the doors for employment rights for foster care workers throughout the UK, setting a major precedent for the sector.

Foster care workers and IWGB members Jimmy and Christine Johnstone launched the case in 2017 after being left in fear for their lives and the life of a young person in their care. Following an initial victory, Glasgow City Council appealed the ruling. This week the Edinburgh Employment Appeal Tribunal has upheld the initial decision that Jimmy and Christine Johnstone were council employees.

Jimmy Johnstone, the claimant in the case against Glasgow City Council, said:

“For years we were told we had no rights. No employment rights, no right to representation or due process and no right to speak out even when our family was at risk. This is the reality facing foster care workers nationwide. Three times in four years we’ve had to fight and win our case but with the support of our union, we have won the day. We are delighted with the ruling and hopeful that it will encourage others to take up the fight. All foster care workers want is to have basic protections everyone should be entitled to so that we can do the best job we can for our young people.”

The IWGB has argued successfully that they were entitled to the employee rights systematically denied by the council, including sick pay, holiday pay, a guaranteed minimum wage and protections for whistleblowing. The union is campaigning for these rights to be granted to all foster care workers.

Though the Johnstones worked in a specialised scheme for children with complex needs their story echoes those of foster care workers nationwide. Due to precarious working conditions and the lack of whistleblowing protections, foster care workers are vulnerable to exploitation, bullying and intimidation when it comes to speaking out for their basic rights as well as those of the children in their care.

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