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Reclaim the Power announce action camp for climate & migrant justice

This July, Reclaim the Power plans to set up the Power Beyond Borders camp to take direct action against the gas infrastructure fuelling the climate crisis and the UK’s ‘hostile environment” policy targeting migrants. The camp is scheduled to take place between 26th and 31st July, and its location will be announced shortly.

Reclaim the Power stated in the event call-out:

“Power Beyond Borders is a chance to come together from across Europe and beyond, to learn from each other, have a great time and take direct action. This camp will walk the talk, showing how possible sustainability and community can be, while gearing up for two days of action with trainings and discussions.

Capitalism demands infinite growth on a finite planet, and the free movement of goods while blocking the free movement of people. It’s a daft system set to self destruct. So this summer we’re taking on two of its most urgent injustices:

Why Gas Fired Power Stations?
Drax Power is planning to start building Britain’s biggest gas-fired power station this autumn. If it goes ahead, the UK can’t meet its emission targets and our energy system will be tied to fossil fuels for many years to come.

With more proposed gas infrastructure across the country, it’s up to us to turn off the gas and to show investors and the government what real action for the climate looks like.

Why UK Borders?
The climate crisis is a racist crisis. Indigenous peoples have historically been on the frontlines of capitalist resource extraction, and now also face the threat of climate impacts and false climate solutions. Across the world communities of colour lose their lives and homes in the face of fossil fuel extraction and those who do the least to cause climate change feel brutal climate impacts most fiercely.

Those who seek refuge in the UK are met by Theresa May’s “Hostile Environment” facing raids on their homes and workplaces, imprisonment for indefinite periods and violent deportations. In the wake of Brexit, this is only set to get worse.

The border is everywhere, it’s just invisible to those of us with citizenship. People at the sharp end, friends and allies have been challenging these racist regimes for years. Now it’s time for us to step up. Based on the aims drawn up by some of the groups most affected we want to challenge the Hostile Environment at this camp.”

Anybody is invited to get involved, regardless of whether they took part in such action in the past. To ensure accesiblility, the organisers will provide transport assistance for those who need it.

The camp preparation will start at Reclaim the Power Working Day on Saturday 27th April, and the National Gathering to happen on Sunday 28th April in London. Both will take place at The Printworks, 139 Clapham Road, London SW9 0HP. The National Gathering is open to all, while the working day is for people who have already or can commit to take on a role within a working group.

Image: Reclaim the Power

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