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Jury finds three guilty over lorry surfing protest near Preston New Road fracking site

After a seven-day trial, three anti-fracking campaigners who took part in a lorry surfing protest near Cuadrilla’s fracking site in Preston New Road have been found guilty of public nuisance. It is the first public nuisance guilty verdict for anti-fracking movement and potentially could mean very bad news for any future direct action planning in the area.

The activists from Devon, Blevins and London have been bailed until 25th September when they will be sentenced.  All three denied the charge.

The charges relate to a protest on the A583 near Blackpool in Lancashire, in July 2017, when three truck surfers, aided by a number of other activists, prevented  seven trucks from entering Cuadrilla’s fracking pad at Preston New Road. The truck surfing lasted for over three days and was part of the ‘Rolling Resistance’ – a month of direct action against Cuadrilla in July 2017 coordinated by Reclaim the Power. In result, a haulage company which was making a delivery to Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool, announced  it is cutting its ties with the industry after its lorry was delayed by the lorry surfers.

The actions stopping deliveries to Preston New Road site are very important for anti-fracking activism, as fracking requires thousands of truck movements per drilling pad.

Photo: Reclaim the Power


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