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Tresspass Journal Issue 2

Our friends from Trespass Journal sent in their recent issue.  It is in depth, multilingual publication about issues of squatting all over the World. In my humble opinion, it is more than worth a read, especially the text about Hong Kong. Here is the text Trespass collective sent to us. The link to the full version of the journal is available at the bottom of the text. zb

Trespass Journal is self-managed, open access, and unfunded. It is multidisciplinary and publishes work in different languages. It is an online journal which also publishes selected works in print.

Trespass collects together reflections on personal experiences, essays, papers, conference proceedings, interviews, discussions, letters and other interventions from individual squatters and collectives who are using squatting to promote social change. We aim to publish submissions of peer-reviewed articles and working papers on research topics connected to squatting struggles worldwide. Feel free to submit something for issue 3!

In this second issue present a theoretical piece by Baptiste Colin, who dissects the semantics of squatting [FR]. Also, we inaugurate a translation section, comprising a translation into French of one of the interventions of the first issue (from the Anarchist Federation of Gran Canaria), and a translation into Dutch of an old article by Hans Pruijt. A third translation is ready to go, and will be published in issue 3.

Moving on to the intervention section, we highlight the exceptionally well-edited dairy about a squatting action in Hong Kong (also available as a standalone zine), and a touching text from Giulia written in the refugee camps of Idomeni. We also publish calls to solidarity from Casa Selba and Hambach, and provide news about resistance to the Dutch squat ban in Utrecht in EN and NL.

Last, but not least, you’ll find the book review section where E.T.C. Dee comments on “Seances: Re-wiring images in the Amsterdam Underground” while an anonymous contributor reviews “The Autonomous Life?”. Many thanks to all of you who made this possible, we look forward to your submissions and encourage you to give us some feedback.

Complete issue free to download as a whole (29mb pdf) or in individual sections here.

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