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Before Solzhenitsyn: A long review of Berkman and Goldman

May 10th: In this lengthy essay, based in a review of Sasha and Emma, Raymond Solomon looks at the politics, and personal histories of two iconic anarchist figures — and the context in which they led their lives.

70 years ago: Imperial greed on Africa’s west coast

January 7th: Amid the horrors of the Mau Mau uprising Britain’s malignant role in 1950s West and Southern Africa is less well covered, but it wasn’t entirely ignored by progressives, as today’s featured article from Freedom‘s January 5th issue of 1952 shows.

50 years on: The trials of Purdie and Prescott

December 14th: In this extract from the mid-December 1971 issue of Freedom, Nicolas Walter reported on court proceedings in the cases of Ian Purdie and Jake Prescott as they faced accusations of conspiring towards a series of bombings attributed to the anarchist Angry Brigade.

Ireland: A farewell to the Workers Solidarity Movement

December 9th: After 37 years the WSM has announced that it intends to disband, shutting down Ireland’s best-known anarchist organisation.

“To plant our feet firmly”: identity politics and the secular Jew in France

November 22nd: I Often when we were kids my mum reminded me and my brother that we were Jews.

Deschooling Society: why Ivan Illich matters now

June 23rd: Ivan Illich, an Austrian Catholic priest and original social thinker, may not have identified as an anarchist, but his willingness to challenge received ideas and think outside the box about different aspects of society, certainly means that he shares the kind of radical questioning spirit characteristic of much Anarchist thought.

Means Testing in the Time of Corona

April 26th: An open letter to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and the Senior Coroner for Inner North London, from Joe Reynolds.

Brexit and the Borders of Humanity

February 27th: Joe Reynolds writes on the phenomenon of the Calais migrant situation as he saw it in 2016, at the height of the media panic, amid Brexit manoeuvrings and a violent French crackdown.

Brains Kan: Norfolk’s anarchist rave revolution

Brains Kan: Norfolk’s anarchist rave revolution

January 2nd: “It was the first time we had ever dealt with a riot squad ...

Wildcat and the Egghead: The life of Donald Rooum

October 14th: It shouldn’t really be me writing this obituary of Donald Rooum the anarchist and his time with Freedom Press, as I knew him for a mere 17 years, a relative drop in the ocean of his experiences.