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Conspiracy and interstice: Notes on the wasteland

June 20th: Struggles over vacant land defend a plurality of ungovernable uses and relationships, beneath the mechanisms of capitalist ownership and state control

Radical Reprint: The Ludlow Strike

June 16th: In June 1914 much of that month’s edition of Freedom was given over to a lengthy analysis in the aftermath of the Ludlow Massacre, one of the most infamous strikebreaking incidents in United States history.

Remembering Wat Tyler: Stakes are head high

June 15th: Standing up against rape, murder and repression remains at the heart of our acts of resistance

The colonial breach and the colonial bind

June 6th: The ruse of international law has no means of ending the killing—Western states are supporting Israel to reassert their colonial agency From Interregnum Whatever the contentions on the term we use to express the scale and method of killing we are witnessing in Gaza, the description at the International Court of Justice as a ‘live-streamed

Chip production in the multi-crisis

May 30th: With its massive ecological footprint, the semiconductor industry has been the material foundation for the IT assault - and now drives economic war between the US and China

Before Solzhenitsyn: A long review of Berkman and Goldman

May 10th: In this lengthy essay, based in a review of Sasha and Emma, Raymond Solomon looks at the politics, and personal histories of two iconic anarchist figures — and the context in which they led their lives.

70 years ago: Imperial greed on Africa’s west coast

January 7th: Amid the horrors of the Mau Mau uprising Britain’s malignant role in 1950s West and Southern Africa is less well covered, but it wasn’t entirely ignored by progressives, as today’s featured article from Freedom‘s January 5th issue of 1952 shows.

50 years on: The trials of Purdie and Prescott

December 14th: In this extract from the mid-December 1971 issue of Freedom, Nicolas Walter reported on court proceedings in the cases of Ian Purdie and Jake Prescott as they faced accusations of conspiring towards a series of bombings attributed to the anarchist Angry Brigade.

Ireland: A farewell to the Workers Solidarity Movement

December 9th: After 37 years the WSM has announced that it intends to disband, shutting down Ireland’s best-known anarchist organisation.

“To plant our feet firmly”: identity politics and the secular Jew in France

November 22nd: I Often when we were kids my mum reminded me and my brother that we were Jews.