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cartoon by Art Young portraying a capitalist inferno

Art Young’s dangerous cartoons

May 4th: Soon after the United States became involved in World War I, the federal government began its prosecution of avant-garde socialist magazine The Masses for anti-war activity.
First circled A in block letters (1964)

The circled A at 60: The true story

April 19th: The circled A was invented in Paris in 1964 and reinvented in Milan in 1966

The circled A at 60: True and false

April 12th: Tomás Ibáñez debunks several myths about the famous anarchist symbol, which was created only in April 1964

The circled A at 60: Birth of a symbol

April 5th: Tomás Ibáñez gives first-hand testimony on the origins of the famous anarchist symbol, first proposed in April 1964

Utrecht: neccesity breaks law

October 2nd: marks the 12 anniversary of the squatting ban in the Netherlands.

Let Anarchy Soar Perfect Okupas: 10 years of LASPO

September 1st: Let anarchy soar Perfect okupas Love all scum, piss off Landowning arseholes: Sitex property opened!

Stay at Home! The Violence of Eviction

April 9th: Joe Reynolds’ words and photographs tell a squatter’s tale on the violence of eviction, using ghosts, dogs, legal battles, health problems and chaos to explain a story that cannot be whispered.

Get Shit Done: the future is collaborative

September 19th: Unless it can be used for marketing, ‘bread and circuses’ entertainment, or to create commodities for the rich, the innate creativity of human beings is actively discouraged by the powers that be (a situation which, I believe, lies at the bedrock of a lot of modern day neurosis).

Review: Great Anarchists

September 1st: Great Anarchists By Ruth Kinna and Clifford Harper Dog Section Press 2020 ISBN: 978-1-9160365-6-7 Review by Jim Jepps With the newly released Great Anarchists, Dog Section Press continue their project of stylishly bringing radical ideas to a wider, non-academic audience.

The Doncaster Heads. From the Perspective of One of the Heads.

August 15th: In 2017 a famous artist called Laurence Edwards was commissioned to create an artwork dedicated to the miners’ and their families in Doncaster.  This was a well-intentioned project set-out by our local Mayor Ros Jones, whose own family worked in coal mining.