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What’s left to vote for?

The local election results are in, the “hold your nose” crowd have helped hand Sir Starmer’s Labour a resounding PR win and congratulations, the prize is “Clause IV on Steroids.”

It’s hard to know what to say to the least-worst-option mob at the moment, as they merrily continue telling off non-participants for “effectively voting Tory.” Perhaps a direct quote today from the man they’re not “effectively,” but actively supporting might help? As part of a screed in his upcoming speech (released to the press ahead of actually saying it, as is standard), Sir Starmer declares the Tories “unconservative” and, in a blackshirt-sounding classic, warns they aren’t providing “stability, order, security”:

“We must understand there are precious things – in our way of life, in our environment, in our communities – that it is our responsibility to protect and preserve and to pass on to future generations … and if that sounds Conservative, then let me tell you: I don’t care. Somebody has got to stand up for the things that make this country great, and it isn’t going to be the Tories.”

He follows this appeal to John Bull Britain by addressing claims that he doesn’t stand for anything. In fact he very much does – and that is the elimination of any pesky socialist talk. His shtick justifying this is to resurrect an old trope accusing Westminster of being detached from the public:

“We need to accept that nobody is going to unite behind the traditional Westminster way of doing things. Seriously, walk round any working-class community and you will be hit over the head by this.”

A fair summary, albeit one which basically every pseudo-populist politician has offered at one time or another. Sir Starmer’s follow-up however is what’s noteworthy. He’s now overtly Blairer-than-Blair, offering a re-run of that 25-year-old Westminster political schema involving tired soundbites, meaningless guff about serious change which only actually adds up to having another go at the political left, and flag shagging. Because these are the priorities which hit you on the head when walking around working class communities, apparently.

Sir Starmer’s latest comments follow a long-running trend in this Bluer Blair model, amid pledges to let protest repression laws “bed in,” his abandoning of every pledge he made to get elected leader, abetting of Tory mistreatment of migrants etc, and act very much as a return to “normal” following Corbyn’s doomed efforts.

The banality of normal

That trend is what “hold your nose” voting enables. Taking a slightly longer view of election cycles than just the one in front of us, the Nice-Party-Nasty-Party aspect of Britain’s representative democratic model is very clear. When the Nasty Party is in charge slates of aggressive ideas are put forward, outraging impotent left-liberals who protest a bit (well, less so now), and attack the results. But this takes its toll as justifications become more difficult and life gets worse for the masses. Eventually, exhausted, the Nasty Party is replaced by the Nice Party in an “anyone but the Nasties” election.

But then the trick is pulled. The Nice Party normalises the status quo. It doesn’t repeal the Nasties’ statutes (making it “effectively” identical to the party that preceded it) and instead tinkers here and there while the Nasty Party regroups. Eventually it makes way, allowing the Nasties to push the status quo further towards brutal social draconianism for the poor, bloody-clawed free reign for the rich.

This cycle has been going on your entire life. It’s responsible for food banks being “normal.” For the ruination of towns’ economies being “normal.” For extortionate rent/housing costs being “normal.” For the decline and collapse of healthcare being “normal.” For our educational mess being “normal.” Sir Starmer and his ilk are enforcers of that word.

Voting for Sir Starmer is not a vote against the Tories, it’s rewarding a purveyor of “normal.” A self-avowed steward of Conservatism in a blue tie. It’s never made sense to the anarchist sensibility – that social change is only possible when it wields a big stick – but doesn’t even do so from a left-electoral standpoint any more. If Sir Starmer wins big at the next general election then you can wave goodbye to any remaining Red values in the Labour Party, because his crew will use that victory as justification and fuel for their McCarthyite internal campaign.

It’s time to stop delegating your say to this theatrical production. What makes politicians change their tune is not the mere act of voting but pressure, and fear. That requires a counterpower to rise independent of either party – one which can manifest on all fronts, from the media and in workplaces, to the streets of county towns. Look to Paris, and the trouble Macron has had. Even if he achieves victory on pensions he is wounded, less able to act on other topics. The public is united in seething at his actions and he knows it. It’s our quietude and tutting at “disruption to everyday business” which allows Britain’s rulers to push our own rights and retirements back even further.

“Normal” is killing us. We need to destroy the thing, not vote for it.


Pic: WEF

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