Aberdeen University occupation: students vindicated

March 16th: Following the incident that occurred last Tuesday at University of Aberdeen during student occupation  in solidarity with academics involved in the University College Union (UCU) pension dispute, a footage clearly showing that the University’s allegations of student violence are unfunded.

University workers announce biggest ever outsourced workers strike in UK higher education

March 15th: University of London workers organised by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) are to hold the biggest-ever strike of outsourced workers in UK higher education history.

Second Sanctuary eviction as Bournemouth homeless struggle

March 14th: The Sanctuary occupied homeless camp on Ashley Road, east Bournemouth, was evicted yesterday, leaving rough sleepers struggling to find anywhere safe to stay or put their belongings.

Syria solidarity activists protest at London City Airport and Dublin Airport

March 12th: Last Saturday protesters arrived at the CityJet desks at London City Airport and Dublin Airport to make a “civilian protection announcement” chanting “Sukhoi jets are killer jets” and do not fly killer jets, do not fly CityJet.” Dublin-based airline CityJet is Europe’s leading purchaser of passenger aircraft from Russian state company Sukhoi which also supplies

Small American flag recovered amid World Trade Center debris at the Fresh Kills Landfill. 9-11 exhibit at the East Tennessee History Museum. 2003 Smithsonian photo by Hugh Talman.

Notes from the USA

March 14th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Germany: Antifa stops AfD march

March 13th: AfD march in Rostock had to be cancelled mid way due to blockades on its route and security concerns.

Greece: police raid three anarchist squats in Athens

March 12th: At early hours of Monday, a coordinated police operation to clear out three anarchist squats in central Athens has resulted in arrests and evictions of the properties.

When Chomsky Worked on Weapons Systems for the Pentagon

March 11th: Between 1963 and 1965, Noam Chomsky worked as a consultant on an Air Force project to establish English as an “operational language for command and control.”[1] According to one of his students, who also worked on this project, the military justification for funding this work was “that in the event of a nuclear war, the

History: The Anarchist Ball of 1961

March 10th: As the British anarchist movement got going after a long decade on the back foot, Freedom’s October Ball showcased a burgeoning powerhouse.

Women in football

March 7th: Women have always been systematically discriminated against by the football authorities, for simply wanting to play football.

Loughborough Students Risk Disciplinary Action on Fossil Fuel Campaign

March 6th: At the start of the academic year something unusual happened at Loughborough University.

Seeds Beneath the Snow: Thoughts on local organising

March 5th: Anarchist activists in Essex look at the role and opportunities of local radical organising outside of the Big City, and attempt to offer a manifesto on everyday revolution building a new world in the shell of the old burbs.

The myth of momentum

February 28th: There is no doubt that Momentum helped secure Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership in the 2017 general election.