Protest as arms firm EDO prepares first expansion in 15 years

February 19th: The EDO MBM factory in Brighton has produced weapons parts for countries including Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey and the US, enabling human rights abuses in violation of international law.

Urgent support call-out as Grow Heathrow eviction looms

February 18th: The squatted site, which was founded to oppose the nearby airport’s destructive expansion project, is facing a bailiff assault either tomorrow or on Wednesday.

Anti-fracking next up in new wave of climate action

February 15th: Following on from today’s school walkouts, next weekend will see the start of this year’s spring offensive against the unpopular gas extraction method, with Bristol being the latest to confirm an action.

No jail for Stansted 15!

February 6th: Sentences have been confirmed for the activists who halted a major deportation flight out of Stansted.

Notes from the US: Anti-Semitism enshrined in law

February 17th: In perhaps Trump’s more startling act of discrimination yet, it was announced recently that it will now be legal for adoption agencies to refuse to help same sex couples and potential parents where one or both partners are Jewish.

Russia: Tortured anarchist detained again for ‘hooliganism’

February 13th: A Moscow court yesterday denied bail to Azat Miftakhov on the charge, which has seemingly been brought because the State was unable to justify earlier terror-related allegations.

Poland: Mysterious ‘Carrier Pigeon Flu’ keeps postal workers at home

February 9th: Since the start of the month the epidemic, which workers believe has been caused by overwork due to poor working conditions, has spread to over 40 post offices throughout Poland.

Greece: How Neo-Nazi gangs are targeting squats

February 16th: On the night of September 17th 2013, the Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P) and his friends sat in the local coffee shop Korali, in Keratsini, to the south of Athens.

Interview: Raina Roy on the fight against Modi’s anti-trans bill

February 13th: Despite the Indian parliament passing a bill decriminalising homosexuality last year, activists in the world’s most populous democracy are now mobilising to resist further state repression in the form of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill.

The 2019 Anarchist Bookfairs List

February 11th: Several bookfair organising groups have been pretty efficient with sending in details of their events early this year, so we can now put together the initial showing of Freedom’s annual roundup [for previous, see 2017|2018].

The day I slept in a puddle on Old Compton Street

February 14th: Continuing on from the memories charted in his book Invisible: A Diary of Rough Sleeping in Britain, Andrew Fraser writes a personal note on the lengths people will sometimes go to in tormenting the homeless.

Manchester homeless open letter to Andy Burnham: ‘You’re setting us up to fail’

February 12th: Having very efficiently attacked political squatting in the early days of its tenure in 2017-18, Andy Burnham’s administration is currently in the process of fulfilling his “ending rough sleeping” pledge by potentially banning it in the city centre — and offering unsuitable accommodation.

IWA: Solidarity with Yellow Vests, for a general strike

February 3rd: The anarcho-syndicalist international has published a public call backing a general strike and supporting a statement on the Yellow Vest movement written by its French section, CNT-AIT.