Book Extract: World War, and Freedom’s nadir

September 20th: When the Great War broke out in 1914 most anarchists took their customary anti-militarist position, but the conflict also led to two of its heaviest hitters, Errico Malatesta and Peter Kropotkin, throwing down in the pages of anarchist journal Freedom.

NELMA launch campaign for free school meals for migrant children

September 14th: North East London Migrant Action (NELMA) are launching a campaign to provide free school meal to children who are ineligible due to their parent immigration status.

Feminists to the Front: Call to Action

September 11th: We have received this important call out from Women’s Strike Assembly.

BREAKING: following strike action cleaners organised in UVW win London Living Wage

September 4th: UVW members at The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall win the London Living Wage (LLW) after three days of unprecedented coordinated strike action.

Violent robberies and deportations of refugees in Greece’s Evros region

September 17th: CW: graphic images and descriptions of violence and sexual assault.

Indefensible: Idlib and the left

September 12th: This text was contributed to Freedom by Leila Al-Shami: British Syrian activist and writer, co-author (with Robin Yassin-Kassab) of Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War.

Activists occupy third Dublin property to highlight Ireland’s housing crisis

September 10th: Take Back the City: a network of 18 grassroots activist groups who are working together to take direct action against property owners across Ireland’s capital, have occupied a property in Dublin.

When abusers hijack the language of feminism

September 16th: This text was submitted by Forth Wave: London Feminist Activists.

Shiny objects at the Sparrows’ Nest

September 9th: This is the first of a possible infrequent series charting the work of the Sparrows’ Nest, an anarchist archive based in Nottingham which has built one of the best libraries of libertarian writing in Britain.

Developing an Anarchist Theory of Activism while Encountering Academic Thieves: an interview with scott crow

August 27th: Activist, anarchist, social commentator and political organizer, scott crow has over three decades of experience working across communities in order to foster liberation, autonomy, resistance to oppression, and self-direction.

The Retreat of the State

September 19th: As I write, there have been more murders in London than New York so far this year, and the Home Secretary has just denied that cuts to police numbers have anything to do with the increase in young people dying.

Class War at the Rees-Mogg Residence – Media and MPs in Hyperbolic Rage

September 13th: One of the things I’ve put a lot of time to thinking about is how Class War can get media coverage and then control it.

One world, one humanity

August 29th: Increasingly, we are trapped by militarised borders.