Syndikat: The local pub taking on a corporate giant

December 14th: Workers at a radical Berlin bar are heading to London on December 18th to confront Pears Global, part of a shadowy property giant which has been hiking rents in Neukölln.  One of Berlin’s 12 major boroughs and historically one of the city’s most multicultural areas, Neukölln has been on Germany’s gentrification frontline for the last ten

Brighton and London rally for Stansted 15

December 13th: Following on from a rally outside the Home Office on Tuesday which drew thousands of people, hundreds more took to the streets of Brighton last night to show their support for the Stansted 15.

Russian antifascists under attack: urgent fundraiser launched

December 12th: Russian anti-fascists are struggling against a brutal wave of repression which has featured kidnappings, savage beatings, torture and fabricated court cases.  Up to date, eleven antifascists are facing lengthy jail sentences.

Stansted 15 defendants found guilty of terror charges

December 10th: The nature of the charges could lead to lengthy sentences.

Frankfurt: arson attacks against squats and self-organized spaces

December 7th: Since September, several arson attacks against squats and other self-organised alternative spaces have taken place in the Rhine-Main region in Germany.

Russia: imprisoned antifascists start hunger strike

December 4th: Two imprisoned Russian antifascist started a hunger strike at the end of last week, protesting their imprisonment and treatment during the investigation they are subjected to, and attempts to force confessions out of them.

Lithuanian teachers’ Ministry occupation enters second week

December 3rd: The occupation of Lithuania’s Ministry of Education headquarters in Vilnius is entering its second week and has been marked by a number of protests over the last few days.

Anarchist books to bear in mind: Dec 18

December 8th: Richard Alexander rounds up some of the most interesting new and forthcoming anarchist titles around.

Rattling cages: rise of the United Voices of the World

December 1st: In early August 2018 cleaners at the Ministry of Justice and the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea started a coordinated three-day strike.

Small is ugly: the uncomfortable anti-authoritarian micro-politics of egalitarian foragers

November 17th: This text explores the problem of  emergence of authoritarianism within groups on the radical left.

The Spectacle Belongs to the Tory Party

December 13th: The spectacle belongs to the Tories and aren’t they providing top notch entertainment?

Don’t abandon your Yellow Jackets

November 23rd: The name sounds a bit like something to do with a lifeguard’s alliance, but this movement’s name (gilets jaune) comes from their high vis jackets, something that all drivers are legally required to carry in their car in France.

Police Surveillance – a Note for Extinction Rebellion Campaigners

November 21st: Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol) co-ordinator Kevin Blowe breaks down likely tactics police will be using to disrupt the activities of climate action group Extinction Rebellion and why extreme caution should be used when dealing with the force.