Why is the Greek state attacking Exarcheia?

September 14th: The Greek state’s long anticipated attack on the rebellious district of Exarcheia began with the eviction of four occupied spaces and a provocative and dangerous attack on the social centre K*Vox.

Anarchist Festival announces its 2020 dates

September 12th: Anarchist Festival, a decentralised event happening across Britain and Ireland since 2018, has announced its 2020 dates.

Far-right threatens Irish unity rally in Glasgow

September 7th: Anti-fascists have mobilised today amid loyalist chatter threatening International Brigades and Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association marches in Govan.

Green and Black Cross is back!

August 29th: In May 2019, the Green and Black Cross took a break from their much-needed activities, largely due to work overload.

Battle for Amulsar: UK mining giant using corporate courts to attack community opposed to massive gold mine

September 11th: Early last week—despite popular resistance and grave environmental concerns—the Armenian government green-lit a gold mine on Amulsar Mountain in Southern Armenia.

Brazil: In case of fire, burn the landlords and imperialists

September 1st: In this scorching essay, the Brazilian Anarchist Co-ordination (Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira, or CAB) analyse the many steps taken under multiple governments which have led to today’s ruinous arsons of the Amazon — and call for support to flow to the grassroots communities resisting the burners.

Greece: Police attack Exarcheia Square and K*VOX social centre

August 30th: The Greek riot police has attacked Athens’ Exarcheia Square and K*VOX social centre late last night.

Squatters Digest: To our friends, and former room-mates

September 2nd: Summer is waning, holidays have been had, and so we all go back to the grindstone — and by grindstone I mean opening new squats.

Sister not Cister: a fight to be safe

August 24th: The issue of trans rights is one which has caused enormous upheaval across the left, including the anarchist movement.

Climate is class war — what next for green activism?

August 18th: An alliance of non-hierarchical groups formed over the last few months, the Green Anticapitalist Front is attempting to provide a link between the extensive anarchist experience of green direct action and the latest wave of climate change activism.

Lucien van der Walt: Should Anti-Capitalists Contest Elections?

September 10th: With yet another general election looming in Britain, this extensive treatment of the concept by veteran anarchist activist Lucien van der Walt looks at South Africa’s post-Apartheid experiences under the long governance of the ANC.

Whatever the outcome of the present chaos, the far right will grow and we need to oppose them

September 8th: Parliamentary chaos and the looming No Deal Brexit have emboldened the far right.

AF: Back the Earth Strike!

September 4th: In the following statement, the Anarchist Federation calls to mobilise in support of Earth Strike, a global general strike call in support of the climate set for September 20th which has drawn support from hundreds of organisations.