The 2020 Anarchist Bookfairs List

February 22nd: With the recent announcements of dates for Liverpool and the Anti-University, our list of anarchist and radical bookfairs across Britain and Ireland is getting pretty full of events – including Bookfair 2020, the first anarchist showing of its kind in London for three years.

Communique from the EastEndQueerPunx

February 21st: On Tuesday 11th February, 4 anarchists and a dog from the militant trans collective EastEndQueerPunx staged a symbolic eviction resistance in solidarity with sex workers everywhere.

Indigenous sovereignty supporters stage sit-in at KKR & Co. in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en nation

February 20th: Early this morning, dozens of indigenous sovereignity supporters occupied the London offices of investment firm KKR, in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en nation who are facing violent, militarized attacks at the hands of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Coastal GasLink (CGL), and the Canadian state.

London: father accused of terrorism for sending money to his son fighting Daesh to appear in court

February 13th: The father of Briton who went to north-eastern Syria to fight Daesh alongside the YPG is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court tomorrow, Friday 14th February, charged under the Terrorist Act 2000 AKA sending £150 to his son in Syria.

Russia: thousands sign open letter in solidarity with imprisoned anarchists

February 16th: On February 10th, seven Russian anarchists accused of the partictipation in “the Network” group were sentenced for terrorist offences to a total of 86 years imprisonment.

BREAKING: Russian antifascists sentenced to 6- 18 years prison

February 10th: The trial of seven Russian antifascists accused of terrorist offences ended today in Penza, western Russia.

Russia: Bailiff base burns along with debtor files

February 9th: The building in Krasnoyarsk owned by the Federal Bailiff Service (SSP), a State-run body linked to the Ministry of Justice, was set alight by unknown arsonists on the same night as its previous HQ was also torched.

Don’t despair, organise!: an introduction to Bentley Urban Farm

February 14th: Bentley is a former coal-mining town just north of Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Introducing: Bi Pandas

February 8th: A member of the bisexual activist group writes on how they set up and why it’s important for bi people to build their own voice in an increasingly corporate and hostile climate.

Independence from what?: The Canine Anarchist Expropriators of Catalonia

February 3rd:  Trigger Warning This story contains numerous instances of literary fraud and copyright theft that some middle class readers might find distressing.

What’s wrong with Woman’s Place UK?

February 19th: There have been few more bitter struggles on the left in recent years than the conflict between those who support trans inclusion and those who style themselves as Gender Critical and refuse to accept that trans people should be socially or legally treated as their aquired gender.

The anti-NGO discourse in Greece and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

February 11th: These days in Greece an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory has successfully infiltrated the public discourse.

For all the macho posturing, the British establishment is weak and fractured

February 7th: The UK has a bullish prime minister with a strong majority in parliament.