Notes from the US

August 21st: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Anti-prison expansion activists halt construction of HMP Wellingborough for second consecutive Friday

August 16th: Protesters attached themselves to PVC pipes and blockaded the entrances to the construction site of the new HMP Wellingborough mega-prison, bringing construction works conducted by Kier Group to a halt for the second consecutive Friday.

Protesters occupy HMP Wellingborough construction site

August 10th: Protesters occupied the construction site of HMP Wellingborough for 6 hours on Friday, successfully halting its work.

Police accused of dangerous actions in anti-gas activist arrest

August 2nd: Officers tackled a protector at West Newton, near Hull, allegedly knocking him unconscious — and then dragged him away without offering medical attention, supporters said.

Poland: court orders investigation into police torture of anarchists

August 17th: CW: torture, police brutality A court in Warsaw heard an appeal against the prosecutor’s decision to discontinue the investigation regarding two police officers suspected of abuse of power, mistreatment and inhuman treatment of three anarchists following their arrest in May 2016.

News from the borders: Calais and Dunkirk

August 15th: Since the highly publicised “clearance” of encampment The Jungle in Calais three years ago migrant struggles in the area have been largely ignored other than a minor panic over refugee dinghies in the Channel – but that doesn’t mean the situation is resolved, writes Chiara Lauvergnac.

What the hell is going on in Kashmir at the moment?

August 12th: The short answer is, we don’t really know an awful lot about what’s going on in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Climate is class war — what next for green activism?

August 18th: An alliance of non-hierarchical groups formed over the last few months, the Green Anticapitalist Front is attempting to provide a link between the extensive anarchist experience of green direct action and the latest wave of climate change activism.

Is genocide denial anti-imperialist now? How tankies are taking over leftbook and the London student scene

August 15th: Picture a British second-year Sociology student holding a Socialist Worker’s Party placard and shouting “hands-off DPRK” outside your student halls (that image in your head, he’s male and wearing cargo shorts, right?

The Social Centre Bulletin: GAS and bookfairs

August 14th: Is there really anywhere else quite like a good social centre?

Transgender women seeking asylum in the UK: shunned & sabotaged

August 16th: In an era of Trump and the rise of the far-right across the globe, it’s easy to see how our attentions may be diverted from the UK’s tedious fixation on Brexit to the pressing acts of inhumanity occurring on the other side of the Atlantic.

Yarl’s Wood: the vulnerable women locked up in Britain’s detention centres

August 8th: According to recent findings from Women for Refugee Women, around 2,000 women who are seeking refuge in the UK are detained per year.

Restorative justice, and reducing the harm of drugs

August 7th: While the following article from C4SS mainly deals with US arguments over legalisation, the topic discussion is well worth having — England and Wales have one of the highest rates of drug-related deaths in the EU, over 17 times higher than the rate of Portugal, which decriminalised all personal drug possession in 2001.