What is happening in Chile?

October 21st: This text was sent to Freedom by our comrades in Chile.

On Class and Climate Struggle: Decolonising XR

October 19th: In the last week, two widely-shared images have summed up deep-rooted problems at the heart of the Extinction Rebellion movement.

EGX: Major gaming event features army recruitment stall

October 19th: Over this weekend, gamers from across the country are flooding into London to attend EGX 2019: the UK’s largest games industry event.

Sodexo offices occupied following infant death in HMP Bronzefield

October 18th: This morning members of Community Action on Prison Expansion occupied the London office of Sodexo, the company which runs HMP Bronzefield, where a new-born baby tragically died after their mother was left to give birth alone in her cell on 27th September.

The frontline is everywhere: Communique from a comrade in Syria

October 13th: On the day of a Call to Action against Turkey’s invasion of Rojava, Syria, in a week where there was mass civil disobedience on the streets of London, molotovs and State-murder in Hong Kong, and police taken hostage in indigenous protests in Ecuador, we got in touch with one of our machine-gun-strapping, Isis-blapping, fascist-fragging anarchist

Libertarian manifesto on the Ecuadorian crisis

October 13th: The following text comes from the leaflet distributed by the group  “Solidaridad Anarquista Ecuatoriana” (SAE) on the streets of Ecuador’s capital Quito.

Gamers show solidarity with player banned over Hong Kong protests support

October 11th: You probably haven’t heard of Blitzchung but he has just cost Activision Blizzard and their subsidiary Blizzard Entertainment billions.

Notes from the US

October 20th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

The Anarchist Big Issue

October 17th: If you know, then you know.

Wildcat and the Egghead: The life of Donald Rooum

October 14th: It shouldn’t really be me writing this obituary of Donald Rooum the anarchist and his time with Freedom Press, as I knew him for a mere 17 years, a relative drop in the ocean of his experiences.

It is not just a bunch of flowers

October 18th: Why supporting Extinction Rebellion in a spirit of cooperation and friendship has, at times, been extraordinarily difficult.

The Social Centre Bulletin: The Ups and Downs of the Cwtch

October 16th: Eight years ago, near enough to the day, a handful of activists and homeless had some plans.

Police vs XR: What can be done about the Met’s Section 14 order?

October 15th: The Met have kicked off week 2 of the XR autumn rebellion with an almighty bang,  issuing a revised s14 order that effectively bans XR from protesting in London.