Spain: police crack down on anarchists resisting social centre eviction

June 21st: On Tuesday, two people were arrested in A Coruña in relation to the events that occurred during the eviction of A Insumisa social centre.

London: far-right meeting stopped by antifascists in Lewisham

June 14th: It’s been a bad couple of months for anti-fascism in London.

Block Around the Clock: days of direct action against the fracking industry

June 9th: Three major developments in the fight against fracking happened recently.

Gary Neville luxury development occupied by Persons Unknown

June 8th: Either you retire a hero, or you live long enough to become Nevillan, say squatters as they launch broadside against luxury apartments ousting working class families from Manchester.

NoNYIA: struggle against new airport development in Indonesia

June 20th: On January 25, 2011, the Indonesian government, represented by the State Owned Enterprise PT.

Notes from the US: No backers for gas power? Just hire some!

June 17th: Louis Further rounds up the latest in dodgy goings on across the pond.

Canada: police and military to be banned from future events after protesters block Edmonton Pride Festival

June 13th: Last Saturday Edmonton’s annual Pride Festival march was successfully blocked by protesters unhappy that  the police and military are allowed to join.

Bosnia and the ‘new Balkan route’

June 11th: Freedom’s refugee support correspondent Chiara Lauvergnac reports from Bosnia and Balkans.

Football and Activism in Jerusalem

June 4th: This text was contributed by a fan of Hapoel Katamon: Israel’s first fan owned football club located in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Jerusalem.

40 days of struggle towards dignity

June 3rd: For 40 days, a sit-in strike in the Polish parliament building by a group of disabled children, young people and their parents, occupied the national media headlines, but barely made it to the international news.

Shut Carlow Street: We’ll run our own union

June 19th: UCU activist Jose Collina reflects this year’s universities pensions strike, won and lost.

The 2017 General Election – One Year On

June 16th: Jon Bigger looks over the stumbling Parliamentary scene as Theresa May struggles with Brexit and Ireland.

Fresh Bread in Jordan

June 15th: Here we share the reflections of a Jordanian anarchist on the ongoing popular mobilizations that have gripped Jordan beginning on May 30, 2018, as a response to tax-reform measures proposed by the State in accordance with International Monetary Fund (IMF) demands.