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6 years of A Radical Guide

6 years of A Radical Guide

Established in 2018, A Radical Guide has grown from a directory of radical sites to a comprehensive media platform engaging with anarchist and radical movements. It began with mapping significant locations but soon expanded its reach. A Radical Guide now conducts interviews, supports and covers events, and participates in film screenings. It facilitates panel discussions, offers online courses, and collaborates with Indigenous groups to feature events around the rights of nature and TEK (Traditional Ecological Knowledge). Additionally, it hosts People’s Movement Assemblies (PMA), fundraises for collectives, produces podcasts for radicals and LPs with groups like Hukbong Lumpen, and organises conferences – A Radical Gathering. A Radical Guide also produces a podcast and audiobook series.

A People’s Movement Assembly is a gathering designed to facilitate democratic decision-making and collective action. It’s a process where people come together to discuss issues, share knowledge, and develop strategies for social change. Its origins can be traced back to the World Social Forum, which began in 2001. ARG has hosted several online PMAs to bring a wide range of individuals and groups together to explore how we can work together and our shared goals.

ARG has created an online course site and works with folks to help bring their training to the community. Currently, it features the Movement Education Program. The Movement Education Program addresses the way corporatism, capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and related oppressive structures impact our organizing, and it offers alternatives to consider as we work for justice.

Seeing Our Native Students: A Guide for Educators” is a tool that bridges the knowledge gaps between Native and non-Native peoples. The guide addresses the issue of cultural erasure of Native peoples and provides basic background information for non-Natives who want to better understand Native identity. On Indigenous People’s Day, Ali Meders-Knight and Mel Figueroa of TEKChico, in collaboration with Redbud Resource Group, presented the history of 1492 that they wish they had been taught in school. TEKChico is a traditional ecological stewardship program. It is indigenous-led management for community resilience and shared prosperity. They offer TEK (Traditional Ecological Knowledge) certification and TEK-based forest stewardship contracting.

On February 16, a panel on General Strike US, a decentralized network championing transformative societal changes will be held. The panel will explore the expansive and significant demands of General Strike US, which address crucial areas, including social justice and environmental sustainability. The conversation will focus on how the coalition organizes and motivates collective action, shedding light on the strategic approaches used to mobilize communities and advocate for varied objectives. It will also discuss the vital role of collaboration within the coalition, illustrating how joint efforts and unity are fundamental in achieving progress and lasting change.

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