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As we barrel towards December there is good news today, with the Manchester Anarchist Bookfair taking place from 10am-4pm at the People's History Museum. It's well worth checking out, not least because while we can't send our own delegates our friends at Dog Section Press will be stocking our 2021 titles including, hot off the press, A Normal Life! It's our first time doing a longer run with Aldgate for a while and it's turned out very nice indeed.

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Closer to home we are putting on two book talks this month:


November 11th, 7pm: Booklaunch of A Normal Life

While the author himself sadly can't make it, seeing as he's still on the run with a million-Euro bounty on his head, the book's editors will be on hand to talk about the memoir, how it was put together and the frankly bizarre process of publishing Greece's most famous bandit. The physical event will have very limited seating but will be streamed, register for free here.


November 16th, 7pm: What is the Modern State? A New Anarchist Theory

 Eric Laursen discusses his new book, The Operating System, which applies an innovative anarchist perspective to understanding the modern State and devising a strategy to discredit, abolish, and replace it with a society based on mutual aid and cooperation. Physical tickets are sold out but the event will be livestreamed, keep an eye on the Bookshop facebook page.



Keeping up with Freedom

With most of our titles out of the way, we've got the following left to get finished:

This image, based on the A Normal Life cover, is set to go on a T-shirt going out to backers later this month, but there will be a few on sale in the shop as well.

Again brought out thanks to the kind support of our Crowdfunding backers, this short pocket-sized look at Greek anarchism will include a potted history running right the way from the philosophy's earliest days through to today.

And last but not least will be our final publishing project for the year, Brian Morris's short work summarising what you should know about the history, philosophy and background of anarchist communism.

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