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Palestine Action targets F-35 part supplier 

March 4th: Activists from Palestine Action targeted Smith Metals headquarters over their complicity in the Gaza genocide.

Ongoing: Protest at Israeli pharmaceutical factory

March 4th: From 5.30 am this morning, over 30 People have been protesting at the Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

Palestine Action occupy BNY Mellon’s Manchester offices  

March 1st: Activists from Palestine Action occupied the Manchester offices of Bank of New York (BNY) Mellon, which invests over £10million in Israel’s most prominent weapons firm, Elbit Systems.

Cleaners fight Amazon

February 27th: Minimum wage cleaners at Amazon warehouses in Enfield and Ipswich are set to ballot for strike action over attempts to cut their paid breaks and bank holiday enhancements. 

Notes from the US: Repression

February 16th: Within days, the governors of half of the states in the U.S.

Solidarity across borders with the Budapest antifascists!

January 14th: While the European Union is considering putting antifascist groups on the list of those designated as terrorists, two comrades have been in prison in Hungary since February 2023.

Ongoing: Turkey launches Christmas Day attack on North and East Syria

December 26th: First reports already spoke of 13 wounded and 8 martyred

Confessions of a communard: Cultivating comrade connections

March 2nd: We want to create a solidarity economy that provides for both the commune and the wider working class community where we make our home.

Autism and anarchy: Self-diagnosis

February 29th: There's a lot of debate about whether self-diagnosis for autism, ADHD and similar disabilities is valid.

Introducing Freedom’s new Cultural Editor

February 26th: So, I aim for this new culture section to offer a platform for anarchist artists whose work perhaps doesn’t fit elsewhere and examine more mainstream art through an anarchic lens.

Dear property guardians …

March 3rd: Print out and post.

Alienation and affinity: Jacob Graham is not an “isolated” case

February 28th: Alienating those we are also imploring to be better, to be involved with the existing structures, is a contradiction in itself.

CALL-OUT: Let us know about the policing of Palestine solidarity protests

February 27th: Freedom republished NetPol's callout in the last few days of responding - by 29 February 2024