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Political Action This Weekend 18th – 20th July 2014

The coming days show a busy calendar for activists and those looking to make a visible stand against injustice. Here’s a brief round-up of what’s going on and where.


Anti-Britain First Demo – Coventry

18:45, outside Salvation Army, Upper Well Street, Coventry – Make sure Britain First and other fascists know they are unwelcome anywhere in Coventry!



National Demonstration for Gaza

Israel has commenced a ground invasion in Gaza which adds impetus and an even greater sense of urgency. Look out for demonstrations happening outside of London as well if you want to show solidarity locally! Assemble 12 noon outside Downing Street.

gaza demo

Defend Cricklewood

The South East Alliance have decided that their previous humiliation wasn’t enough, and they’re coming back for seconds. A coalition of groups, including London Antifascists, are organising a blockade to stop the Nazis in their tracks. Assemble 12 noon at 113 Cricklewood Braodway.


Britain First (again) – Dartford

The pathetic Britain First roadshow stumbles on. South London Antifascists and local groups are organsing to oppose the racists’ rally.


Mass protest against strike breaking!

Show your support for the Ritzy workers!
“So we, The Ritzy Workers, are calling for a peacful, noisy mass protest outside The Ritzy to show the company that they cannot simply strike-break with impunity and to help us convince as many customers as possible to support the strike, respect the picket-lines and ask for refunds.

PLEASE invite as many people as you can, we want to fill Windrush Square with noise and send a really powerful message to the company that the local community supports the workers and will not allow them to continue treating us like this.

16 30 – 17:30 outside the Ritzy Cinema, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton.


If you want demos, actions or other political events publicised on our website and/or newsletter please send us a message by commenting on this article.

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