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Fuck the Queen – here’s King Mob: autonomous London defies national obsession with dead lizard

September 20th: On this most special day of the anarcho-calendar, we must say in unison: fuck the Queen.

Review: Deep Adaptation – Navigating the Realities of Climate Chaos

March 11th: Trigger warnings for eschatology, despair, grief, climate chaos, near-term societal collapse.

Bookfair 2020 calls for artist contributions

January 8th: Since the announcement of the return of an anarchist bookfair to London, the Bookfair2020 collective has been busy preparing for the event to be held in October 2020.

Sexism, Punk and Drone Warfare: Interview with In the Evil Hour

January 6th: A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted ‘Predators’ by North East punk band In Evil Hour; an intelligent, ferocious critique of Drone warfare which reminds me a little of Rise Against.

Could the occupation of London Metropolitan signal the rise of a working-class student’s movement?

December 10th: In Cameron’s adventurous second term, the privatisation of culture has continued on a dramatic scale.

Walks For Motorists – An Interview with WHITE HILLS

July 27th: I’m sure you have noticed that in late capitalism much of mainstream culture, including music, is the tarted up results of market forces and the commodification of all things, it cannot help but be bereft of meaning and over arching purpose, it has nothing much to say and no idea where it is going; it

Eagle Spits Interview

December 2nd: Eagle Spits is probably not his birth name but does seem to suit a character who nearly 40 years after his initial involvement in punk is still going strong- still angry, hopeful, humourous, militating for change.

From Tomorrow and Beyond: An Interview with The Oscillation

July 30th: Investigating the various bands at this year’s Camden Crawl I came across ”The Oscillation’ a band who have had various incarnations and at present consists of Tom Relleen, Valentina Magaletti and founder member Demian Castellanos.  After listening to a couple of tracks I visited their website which  comments, ‘The Oscillation’s third album “From Tomorrow” is