Police Surveillance – a Note for Extinction Rebellion Campaigners

November 21st: Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol) co-ordinator Kevin Blowe breaks down likely tactics police will be using to disrupt the activities of climate action group Extinction Rebellion and why extreme caution should be used when dealing with the force.

New court support group, Activist Court Aid Brigade, forms after closure of LDMG

September 10th: LDMG is dead, long live ACAB!

Judge extends swingeing injunction barring fracking protests against Ineos

November 23rd: Environmental activists were heavily restricted at or banned from seven sites belonging to frack firm Ineos today, along with the surrounding roads.

After G20, the repression: Tips and solidarity for the chased

July 16th: Linksunten Indymedia issued a summary piece yesterday in support of people facing the upcoming crackdown against participants in the G20 protests in Hamburg earlier this month.

Pre-charge bail: Reforms you need to know about

May 21st: Anarchists are fabled for getting into direct action-related scrapes with the law, and although the reputation is often undeserved anarchist groups such as Green and Black Cross do keep a close eye on legal matters.

Courts and Mental Health – top tips for surviving the court system

February 12th: It goes without saying that courts are damaging to your mental health.

Police and Mental Health: Tips for Dealing with Custody and Arrest

August 22nd: CN: Mental health and self harm discussed in article There are downsides and upsides to informing the police of a mental health condition.

Avoiding Police Facilitation – promoting state unsanctioned protests

June 7th: Police forces are big fans of peaceful protests.

Do you have to give the cops your Name and Address?

November 8th: CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 07/11/20: Under emergency powers, there is still no general obligation for you to give name, address or personal details to police officers that stop you in the street (unless you are driving a vehicle, in which case see below).