Police vs XR: What can be done about the Met’s Section 14 order?

October 15th: The Met have kicked off week 2 of the XR autumn rebellion with an almighty bang,  issuing a revised s14 order that effectively bans XR from protesting in London.

Legal: Can I be ‘pre-emptively’ arrested?

September 13th: In case you missed it: Roger Hallam, one of the co-founders of Extinction Rebellion, has been ‘pre-emptively’ arrested the day before he – and other members of XR splinter Heathrow Pause – were due to disrupt flights at Heathrow airport using remotely piloted drones.

Legal: Do you have to give your fingerprints to police?

August 5th: Going on protests can often be a legal minefield, which is why you need to know your stuff when you go on them.

Legal: What are my rights if I’m stopped or raided on immigration grounds?

June 29th: This is the first part of a series covering the rights of migrants and the legal limits of state power.

Legal: The police have asked me to attend a voluntary interview. Should I go?

June 11th: Word has reached us here at ACAB‘s top secret HQ that the Met are cordially inviting some of the folks they arrested during XR’s big London action to come in for a chat.

Legal: No, the police didn’t fine a man for hiding his face from a facial recognition camera

May 25th: You’ve probably seen the headline: “Police fine man for hiding his face from facial recognition camera”.

Green and Black Cross: Extinction Rebellion’s legal support is inadequate

May 14th: In a statement released today the longstanding activist court support group is expressing serious concerns about how senior organisers with Extinction Rebellion (XR) are approaching legal observation and policing — and explains why GBC is withdrawing backing for the group.

Activist legal update: Notorious ‘Common Assault’ penalty doubled

January 6th: From November 19th 2018 an new offence of “Assaulting an Emergency Worker” has been created, which doubles the maximum penalty for Common Assault (Section 39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988).

Police Surveillance – a Note for Extinction Rebellion Campaigners

November 21st: Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol) co-ordinator Kevin Blowe breaks down likely tactics police will be using to disrupt the activities of climate action group Extinction Rebellion and why extreme caution should be used when dealing with the force.

New court support group, Activist Court Aid Brigade, forms after closure of LDMG

September 10th: LDMG is dead, long live ACAB!