Pre-charge bail: Reforms you need to know about

May 21st: Anarchists are fabled for getting into direct action-related scrapes with the law, and although the reputation is often undeserved anarchist groups such as Green and Black Cross do keep a close eye on legal matters.

Courts and Mental Health – top tips for surviving the court system

February 12th: It goes without saying that courts are damaging to your mental health.

Police and Mental Health: Tips for Dealing with Custody and Arrest

August 22nd: CN: Mental health and self harm discussed in article There are downsides and upsides to informing the police of a mental health condition.

Avoiding Police Facilitation – promoting state unsanctioned protests

June 7th: Police forces are big fans of peaceful protests.

Do you have to give the cops your Name and Address?

November 8th: This has become very complicated and is causing much confusion.