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GBC and ACAB launch guide to Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act

November 16th: This guide was written through the collaboration of Green and Black Cross (GBC) and the Activist Court Aid Brigade (ACAB).

Backing the briefs

August 30th: So the first all out strike of the fuel/ inflation crisis is The Barristers!

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BREAKING: Police raid Northants community fridge

April 24th: At 11am this morning, police swooped on a community mutual aid project in Northampton in a raid allegedly linked to the Just Stop Oil campaign.

The “Ziegler” case: What does it mean for direct action?

September 7th: As the Stop The Arms Fair week of action gets into full swing, Carl Spender and Kat Hobbs take a look the story of a 4 year legal battle over a classic activist charge: wilful obstruction of the public highway.

Don’t want to get arrested before a demo? Then don’t publicise a plan to break the law!

June 27th: The raid on Animal/Extinction Rebellion’s warehouse shows why you shouldn’t publicly broadcast plans to break the law.

On pleading guilty

May 29th: You Miserable Pleader!

Rioting and Violent Disordering

May 14th: Triple helpings of jail all-around planned for Bristol protestors.

No Fixed Abode Travellers Collective Resisting Anti-Trespass

April 13th: Statement from nfATs ...

Statement about the eight arrested anarchists in Barcelona

March 17th: On February 27th, 2021, 8 anarchist comrades* from Italy, France and Spain were arrested during the riots in Barcelona stemming from the protests that have been taking place since the arrest of Pablo Hasél on February 16th.

A brick wall in Bristol. On the wall is some graffiti rendered in black spray paint: "In the US, in the UK, the police are racist everywhere: George Floyd RIP. Mark Duggan. Trevor Smith. Mike Brown"

Justice nowhere: Introducing Bristol Copwatch

March 1st: Freedom’s resident cop-botherer, Carl Spender, sits down with John and Kat from Bristol Copwatch to discuss the group’s first year of existence and the painstaking work of building a grassroots police monitoring project.