#ЗаЮлю and Social Media Activism: A Call Out for International Support

July 2nd: Russian activist Yulia Tsvetkova is facing criminal charges for posting body-positive and LGBT+ friendly art on social media.  She has been accused of distributing pornography with criminal intent, and expects to be sentenced for up to 6 years in prison.

Coronavirus and your right to stay away from work

May 10th: On Sunday evening, Boris Johnson declared that it was time for the people of England to get back to work.

Government quietly introduces new lockdown restrictions

April 23rd: At 11am yesterday (Wednesday 22.04.20), the government quietly tightened lockdown restrictions across England.

Listen up sanes: the intersection of policing and healthcare is nothing new

April 10th: On March 25th the Coronavirus Act 2020 received Royal Assent and became law.

Don’t believe the hype: evictions continue despite moratorium

April 4th: The ban is a lie.

Legal: People are being criminalised for coronavirus offences that don’t exist.

April 3rd: Delirious with fevers and newly extended powers, British cops are well and truly out of control.

GBC release new police station support guide

March 2nd: Activist legal support primos, the Green and Black Cross, have published a new guide to providing police station support for those unfortunate souls who find themselves under arrest.

Legal: Can immigration officers arrest me for obstruction?

February 29th: Over the last few weeks, we’ve received reports of several activists being arrested for allegedly obstructing immigration enforcement operations.

Britannia chained: The assault on our rights has begun

February 6th: This week has seen a raft of draconian law & order policies floated by the government and police representatives.

Legal: Can I hide my face from facial recognition cameras?

January 28th: Last Friday the Metropolitan police announced they would begin operational deployment of live facial recognition cameras.