Anarchists and admin

September 10th: One day, after a successful revolution, in that bit of political theory where Marxism tends towards anarchism, the State will wither away and we will no longer have the government of people but the administration of things.

The Circus

March 1st: Madnesses en masse I witnessed on the streets of Prague, in the most bizarre of political protests – though one which may catch on.

A Sideways Look: housing

October 23rd: (originally appeared in Freedom, August 2012) A few welcome signs have been emerging from the embattled world of council housing.

A sideways look: ‘disability’

September 2nd: (from Freedom, March 2012) Some time ago a colleague had a serious accident.

A Sideways Look: IT

August 20th: (taken from Freedom, February 2012) The government has announced that it intends to look at information technology training in schools.

A Sideways Look: education

August 10th: (originally published in Freedom, May 2012) In all the opposition to education cuts and the ramping up of fees, adult education hasn’t had a lot of airtime.