Migrant Lives: Not A Commodity

Migrant lives: not a commodity


This text is written by a group of people living in the United Kingdom who are migrants, students and workers. In the last few weeks alone we have witnessed the deaths of hundreds of… Continue reading

Educate! Agitate! ORGANISE!

Jonathan Bigger brings us the lead piece from the first Freedom news freesheet, explaining Anarchists’ hesitation over large bureaucratic unions and how we can organise ourselves and our workspaces to create the most effective forms of direct labour action…

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Tired of the mainstream media giving a platform to racist scumbags and their demonic offspring?

There is an alternative to corporate dominated media – support Corporate Watch’s work dishing the dirt on global capitalism this Mayday.


So far… Continue reading

CNT create an anarchist version of WhatsApp

The IT branch of CNT has created an app called “SinGuasa“, the name is a pun using the slang term guasa “joking”, which combined with the negative preposition “sin” (without) sounds similar to the Spanish pronunciation of the… Continue reading

The Irish Brigadista

In Ireland there is a place called Morley’s Bridge and it is located

on the border between County Cork and Kerry. At this remote spot there

is a plaque in memory of a local man.

The plaque reads:

In memory… Continue reading

From The Land Of Proudhon 5

Situationist International. Raoul Vaneigem In Dialogue With Gérard Berréby. Nothing Has an End, All is a Beginning.


Raoul Vaneigem (1934) is a Belgian author and radical social critic. After grammar school, at the age of seventeen he went to… Continue reading

Notes from the US

Law === Towards the middle of February the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court ordered judges to ignore a federal court ruling allowing same-sex marriages. Roy Moore sent a memo to courts across the state saying ‘…no judge or… Continue reading

The Circus

Madnesses en masse I witnessed on the streets of Prague, in the most bizarre of political protests – though one which may catch on. I believe it demonstrates not only anarchist principles, but action, and on a large scale.  The… Continue reading


Protests will be held Britain-wide on March 2nd to denounce US based company Maximus and its takeover of the Work Capability Assessment, previously run by the French IT company ATOS.   In Edinburgh demonstrators are set to descend on the… Continue reading

From the Land of Proudhon, vol. 4

Karl Marx: Not Infallible

The French Marxist philosopher Étienne Balibar, a pupil of Louis Althuser, published in 1993 The Philosophy of Marx. This text is now, after twenty years, republished. In a new introduction, he asks”: what is the… Continue reading